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The Merlin++ project


Merlin++ is an accelerator simulation program that tracks beams through components of a ring or beamline. Its functionality is similar to MAD but it has many extra features.

Merlin++ is written in C++, and unlike MAD and most other packages, it is actually a library of C++ routines. The user writes their own program and compiles it against the MERLIN class definitions and function libraries.

For convenience of potential users Merlin++ has been released in the Eclipse IDE, as this is in widespread and common use, however considerable care has been taken to ensure that neither Eclipse nor any other system is essential to the use of Merlin++. Similarly ROOT can be used to present results, but other methods are also available.

The release includes several example projects and test jobs, but we hope that users wll develop their own projects from scratch and not just adapt those provided.


2020-03-06: Merlin++ 5.03 released

2019-03-19: Merlin++ 5.02 released