Merlin logoThe Merlin++ accelerator simulation program library

Merlin authors past and present

Nick Walker

is the original author, writing it for development of the ILC

Andy Wolski

added synchrotron radiation, for damping rings

Dirk Krücker

maintained the code while it was at DESY

Roger Barlow

took the code to Manchester

Adriana Bungau

used it for ILC studies and added geometric wakefields

Haroon Rafique

used it for Hollow Electron Lens studies for the LHC

Adina Toader

added resistive wakefields and diffractive scattering in colimators

James Molson

added many features for loss maps and collimation

Maurizio Serluca

did many LHC loss map studies

Sam Tygier

did LHC loss map studies, and cleaned up the code

Scott Rowan

cleaned up the software and made it robust

If anyone feels they should be added to this list, please let us know