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Quickstart Guide

Class documentation using Doxygen

Doxygen is a common tool for generating class documentation from suitably annotated C++ source. Merlin++ has descriptive class comments in the header files of all major classes formatted such that they are picked-up by doxygen.

To generate the class library for Merlin++, simply enter the following command following successful installation.

If using Eclipse CDT, use Build Targets in a similar manner to how ‘make test’ is run.

• Generate class documentation via doxygen

make doxygen
The above command generates a ‘Doxygen’ folder and a full interactive .html site in the build directory. To load, simply open the index.html file.

Within the html site, one can find class and class member function descrip- tions as well as inheritence information, namespace list and information and file structure. Furthermore, developers have begun using this location to doc- ument information on any recent API changes. A screenshot of the interactive html class library is shown.

The same files, from a recent build, can also be accessed on our web pages. Doxygen page